Anecdote of A Lottostar Games: Tale,Twist, Addiction, Money and More


Lottostar brings players some of the biggest prizes ever seen in South Africa. For the first time, South Africans are able to legally bet online on international lottery results. With so many players already on board and so many more still discovering our online lottery betting platform, we’ve managed to keep the excitement and audacious drum rolls sustained at a fever pitch.

It has purely turned into an addiction for the people and certain Lottostar winners. People who have been playing Lottostar games for quite a few years, reason being is, you get so curious and greedy to win that “one more time” you are almost unable to drop the curiosity till the end.


We tried to get in contact with a  winner who had been playing with Lottostar for roughly two months before he won. When we contacted him about his win, he said that it, “felt like a weight had been lifted” off his shoulders. He preferred keeping things close and only told his close relatives about his luck. His plans were always to celebrate and enjoy with the earned amount.

His win has gotten him excited and he is definitely going to keep playing until he wins the jackpot, especially since he only missed it by a single digit!

His advice to other Lottostar players: “Keep going and don’t give up. Even if you don’t win the jackpot, don’t give up. If you win extra or have extra money lying around, play it. You might win.”

This is the reason with Lottostar winners, they never quit nor do they ought to quit.


The another person we can talk about was Adam. Another Lottostar winner who suffered a nervous breakdown after over a decade of compulsive gambling. Adam printed over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of lotto tickets before his machine was finally shut down the Connecticut lottery did not share my machine off. because you know this used to be my family  and now they are not here and you know when I look at it around the house after being charged. Adam was ordered to pay the sum of the tickets for Lottostar Games and got  printed despite never cashing any of them in his wife and three children three girls had to go to Virginia to live with relatives because of his financial world and he sends money to them and he lives in squalor. There are positive yet adverse effects of Gambling which can result in quite many mental breakdowns and diseases which may not really feel instantly, but gradually.


  • The lottery are approximately one in 258 million in Connecticut there are up to nine lotto draws a day each game costing between $and $5 with scratch cards on top of this price.
  • From one dollar up to $30 each the Connecticut lottery does run programs to support addicted gamblers and a percentage of the profits go towards government programs such as libraries Public Safety and education.
  • I stopped gambling when I hit the bottom, I picked it up a better habit when I was gambling in my mind.
  • It was always numbers and numbers I’ll be driving in and it’s the bus driver of me, will pick down numbers and say that oh you know that bus number had three or five seven and I will go to my store and play three or five seven or whatever number that I saw sunshine I ran I know in November 2015.
  • seven years after his original conviction a new judge reviewed his case and found his original penalty to be illegal he no longer has to pay back the remaining money from the uncashed tickets tell my friends I’m running away from gambling and this time we’re running I said I’m running away from the lottery.

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