Homeless People Who Won the Lottery

10 Lotto Star Winners: From Crap to Gold

Anyone can win the lottery but some people need the money more than others. Imagine being homeless at one of the lowest points of your life living on the streets only to be blessed with the lottery win that’s the story of the lotto star winners in this blog. The story of these homeless people will make you glad.

10- Michael egg falls 61 year old

Michael egg falls of Aspen Colorado was homeless for six years after losing his business and going through a divorce but he never let his misfortune dampen his spirits. He was described by gas station clerk Gabby Garcia as a regular lottery player who only usually won a dollar or two. Some might say that there were more important things to be spending his money on but Mike was bet paid off beating the astronomical odds of eight hundred and forty thousand to one he won five hundred thousand dollars. On a $10 ticket five hundred thousand dollars that’s half a million imagine dropping that chunk of change into your wallet. Most people would have bought a mini mansion or at least restarted their business.

9- Emily Rhea’s

She found herself part of the growing homeless population in her hometown desperate and addicted to drugs and alcohol. Emily hit rock bottom when she ended up in prison after stealing to support her habit. When she was released from the Amarillo jail Emily surprised more than a few people but perhaps herself most of all by buckling down and accomplishing the truly momentous task of pulling her life back together. Emily won two hundred thousand dollars matching all four numbers in the Thursday drawing.

8- Grant Freeman

Freeman made his way to Las Vegas with high hopes of hitting it big along the strip. Unfortunately as so often happens he instead lost everything and was forced to live on the streets begging spare change off of tourists only to spend it all. Later, he spent $2 on two Mega Millions tickets which he paid for in pennies Freeman one on both tickets $8 on one and on the second he won an enormous 180 thousand.

7- Victor Herrera

Victor is the next person on the list of lotto star winners. Hhe became homeless following a divorce he and his son were thankfully able to move in with his sister but her apartment was cramped. One night he got up and walked down to the store to purchase a bag of ice instead he came out with a $5 lottery ticket that particular ticket beat the 50 million to one odds and earned Herrera an astounding 250,000 dollars that very night.

6- Erik from magic of rahat

The next person in this list didn’t even officially win the lottery but a homeless man named Erik and internet stardom after being featured on the hit. YouTube channel magic of Rahat in this particular video roh-hatz gave Eric a lottery ticket and handed the clerk one thousand dollars. Eric burst into tears of relief and even offered to share his winnings with rah hat touched by his selfless gesture the people of the internet banded together to raise enough money to give this young man a fresh start. Twenty thousand dollars seemed like a lofty goal but this goal was not simply met it was exceeded a total amount of forty-four thousand dollars was raised to help get Eric back on his feet. The majority of the money was used to rent and furnish a house

5- Steve boric

How many of us even know someone who’s won more than ten bucks in the lottery? Steve boric couldn’t even get a hotel room because this homeless lottery winner was not allowed to claim his prize. Due to a situation in his life two years prior he lacked the ID required to collect such a large winning. The real catch-22 was that both of these documents required a form of identification to get them in the first place after five months of trying. Steve could only hope he’d be inside by christmas time. Thankfully some amazing individuals at CBC News volunteered their time to make a few calls and track down the proper paperwork for him to receive his birth certificate while Steve did miss his Christmas deadline a little more than eight months after he hit it big he was finally allowed to collect his money.

4- László Andrews

László Andrews check was a recovering alcoholic who was in debt up to his eyeballs. He’d been homeless for seven years and described his life as him always trying to plug holes by making new ones facing yet another year of homelessness. Lazlo made a at a train station on his way to Budapest and spent the last few coins to his name on a lottery and he stunningly won 636 million forint that’s the equivalent to nearly million American dollars in 2017.

3- Krystal Nelson

Krystal Nelson was living in a cramped truck with a friend for five whole months delivering papers for the daily journal in Illinois when she found out she’d won $50,000 on a Powerball ticket in July of 2017. Despite this shocking win Nelson maintained that her life would not change no big spending or impulse purchases for this gem of a human being.

2- Dennis Maher

He had been homeless since 1978 approximately 25 years before he won $50,000 in the Michigan lottery in 2013. Did he use this money to buy a flat-screen TV or a shining new truck maybe just the house? Actually no! Dennis bought himself a new tenth. Apparently as far as he was concerned it already was he used the rest of the money to help out his fellow members of the homeless community.

1-      Emily leach

Emily leach struck paydirt in January of 2011 winning a whopping 1 million dollars in Mountain View California. She used this much needed money to pay off a substantial medical debt by yet more tickets and to pass out random acts of kindness. one such act was to hand $100 to a homeless man behind her in a line at the very same gas station where she purchased her original winning ticket in the process of this transaction.


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