Essential Ways & Tips To Not Fall For A Lotto Scam

There are a lot of people who like to participate in speculative activities such as stock betting and playing lotteries just for the sake of making a lot of money in less amount of time. However, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. There are a lot of times when fraud lotto scams have been detected.

Thus, before you participate in any kind of lottery program or get to know about any kind of scheme then it is important for you to cross check it and be triple sure before you participate in it. 

You know why? Because in today’s times some really smart people have been using sophisticated technologies for the purpose of scamming people and indulging in fraudulent activities. And you won’t get to know how did you get robbed if you won’t be paying enough attention. In such cases, attention is the key to protect yourself from such kind of fraudulent schemes like lotto scams.

Lotto Scam
Lotto Scam

Thus it becomes very important for the people who quite often or regularly are participating in lotteries to not to pay to play. Now, what is meant by that? With this, we mean that there is no legitimate reason for anyone to ask you to wire the money to you in exchange for some cash amount. 

And it is also very important on your part to verify each and everything. Only just because someone has contacted you doesn’t mean that can be or maybe a trusted source. And while clearing a check be clear that everything has happened in order and in the right way. And if you see any kind of suspicious activity then don’t hesitate to report to your bank on an immediate basis. 

Yes, all of this is imperative owing to the rising lotto scams. Undoubtedly, each and every human thinks that they have got an amazing sense of judgement when it particularly comes to avoiding being getting indulged into some kind of crazy scheme but that is not the case always, isn’t it? 

Many times people who are quite smart also cannot avoid themselves from getting into all this scam and fraud and the reason behind it is human greed. Moreover, it has been also seen that some people can do just about anything for human contact and even if that means to associate themselves with a scammer which is just unacceptable.

So, are there any ways to avoid all of this? To avoid lotto scams? Yes, there are some things which must not be overlooked at all for the sake of being safe and secure in today’s times of heightened fraudulent activities. 


  1. Upfront Fees
  2. Are There Any Constant Calls? 
  3. Lottery Winning Can Become Major Loss
  4. Family Intervention – Good or Bad? 
  5. Some Important Things To Know About Lotto Scams
  6. Conclusion: 

Upfront Fees

Upfront Fees
No Upfront Fees

It is is important to see this as more or less a warning sign. Because once a scammer is able to successfully reel the victim then are able to quite easily redeem their lottery winnings as long as they are playing some amount of upfront fees which is not a big thing. Thus, it becomes important to be conscious on the part of the consumer.  

Are There Any Constant Calls? 

Constant Calls
Constant Calls

And it is after the victim sends the fees it is during this time generally that the calls start to pour in. And another tactic which the scammers use for the sake of building their trust is that they fulfill their requests by building a personal relationship with the victim in play. 

The excuses can range from misplacing of the check to never ever receiving a payment which is just a part of their fraudulent schemes and must be looked upon as a serious threat. And there might be some scenario where the victim might even be receiving threatening messages or even calls.


Lottery Winning Can Become Major Loss

Lottery Winning Can Become Major Loss
Lottery Winning Can also Become a Major Loss

As the victim pulls out quite a large sum of money to give it to the frauds for the sake of receiving the lottery amount, they don’t realise that they are also about to lose all of their hard earned money just like that. In technical language, this thing is called “being under the ether” a situation when a victim is almost willing to do anything to receive their prize money.  


Family Intervention – Good or Bad? 

Family Intervention
Family Intervention

It also needs to be observed that the family members may notice a certain change in the behaviour of their loved ones. And if they are lucky then family members could be contacted by the victim’s financial establishment before it becomes too late. And then after a great amount of money is sent which can range anywhere between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, the families take action and then attempt to freeze their accounts but it becomes too late by then.


Some Important Things To Know About Lotto Scams

  • Scamming’s The Name

Scamming’s The Name
Scamming The Name

According to the research, it has been shown that many lottery frauds try and scam the area code increasing the overall likelihood of the potential victims to pick up as they will be assuming that the call is local thus garnering subsequent trust. 

  • Avoiding Questions To Be Safe From Lotto Scam

Avoiding Questions
Avoiding Questions

If you or someone from your family or even your friends are asked that did you entered a lottery? And then they inform you that you won, chances are it is a lotto scam. In that case, the best and the most reliable option would be to hang up immediately.

  • Keeping It A Secret

Keeping It A Secret
Keeping It A Secret

If in case, you get any kind of such info that you have won the lottery then it is imperative that you take actions smartly and first of all, don’t let anyone in your circle no matter if they are your close relations or regular friends to know about it. It would be nice that initially you keep that to yourself and then only share the good news after being two hundred per cent sure with anyone you like. 



Culminating the topic, it can be said that in the coming digital era as the world is shrinking and becoming a global village the chances of both positive and negative aspects relating to commerce and trade will be on the rise and one being lotto star scams. Thus, it becomes very significant on the part of the consumer to beware and take actions in a smart, secure and safe way.

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