Significant Reasons Not To Play A Million Dollar Lottery

Playing a million dollar lottery promises to offer you a very enriching and satisfying amount, isn’t that true? And generally, people try all kinds of tricks and what not possible to make sure that their chances of winning the lottery increases by manifolds. So that they can grab their hands on the lottery winnings and do with it as they please. 

However, sometimes playing lottery can be good and sometimes not so good which will be depending upon the situations and the individual experiences of the player.

But for the sake of winning, people are even ready to invest their hard earned money on different lotto star games at the same time without any kind of hesitation. The reason behind this can be only one thing: ambition.

Million Dollar Lottery
Million Dollar Lottery

Yes, it is the ambition of people which makes them do certain things like investing money in businesses, or in some kind of speculative activities such as stock betting or like lotteries. Yes, today, people are so hectic from their lives that they are always on the lookout of making big money big time in the shortest of the span of time possible, isn’t it so?

And this is one of the major reasons for the people to participate and play different lotto star games. And regarding that, they spend more on buying lottery tickets in the hope of winning a jackpot.  

The commercials that come on the TV’s also have only one purpose which is to entice the people about the lotteries and make them purchase more and more of them. 

And undoubtedly, the lottery jackpots are quite overwhelming and thus become a reason why people, in general, want their story come under the rags to riches section. 

So, what are the reasons owing to which you shouldn’t be playing different lottery games?



  1. Wealthy People Play Different Lotto Star Games
  2. The Fun Element Of Gambling 
  3. Did You Know That State Lotteries Are Exempt From FTC
  4. Don’t Go Bankrupt
  5. Shut It Up
  6. The People Who Will Find You If You Don’t Follow The Advice
  7. Entrance Of Lawyer & Financial Advisor
  8. Don’t Try And Change After Winning Lotto Star Games
  9. Conclusion:


Wealthy People Play Different Lotto Star Games

Wealthy People Lotto Star Games
Wealthy People Lotto Star Games

It needs to be seen that wealthy people want to play big-time always especially when the stakes are very high. And for this, they don’t even bother playing different lotto star games so that they could increase their chances of becoming a more richer entity among their own circle. Thus, it becomes less opportunistic for the middle-class people to win the huge lottery payout. 


The Fun Element Of Gambling 

Fun Element Of Gambling
Fun Element Of Gambling

It needs to be seen that most of the theories rely on gambling which somewhat disrupts the whole angle of the lottery winnings. And it is when the lottery playing individuals were asked whether they purchased their lottery tickets somewhere from their very neighbourhood, most of them said yes. Now that’s something interesting to know about, isn’t it?

However, the main point amid all this complex talking is that if you are playing lotteries then it should be for fun and not for satisfying your greed. Because if you are playing for your greed then chances are that you may end up losing a lot of money rather than earning it. 


Did You Know That State Lotteries Are Exempt From FTC

State Lotteries Are Exempt From FTC
State Lotteries Are Exempt From FTC

The state lotteries are exempt from Federal Trade Commission which in layman’s terms means “truth in advertising laws” The Federal Communications Commission furthermore prohibits the broadcast of the lottery advertisements but it also has exemptions for the lotteries which are conducted by the state itself. It needs to be seen that on an annual basis, the lotteries single-handedly are able to raise a terrific amount of $70 billion a year.

And the payout which they in return give it to you is just peanuts for them. So, maybe you should think again regarding this. But, if you do become a lottery winner then what are the things which you should be doing?


Don’t Go Bankrupt


Yes, it has been seen that ⅓ of the lottery winners can go bankrupt even after winning significant lottery amount. The reason being that they just spend too much on too many unnecessary things. Thus, it is important to know what should be done when you win.


Shut It Up

Shut It Up
Shut It Up

It is important to shut up and not tell anyone specifically that you have won some amount. Do not tell your boss or maybe someone in your circle who could possibly break the good news.

For example, there was a player who had won 758.7 million and when did not follow the advice and decided to tell her boss along with the press as well. And then immediately he had to take the help of the police to guard him and his house so that no thief could possibly rob him. 


The People Who Will Find You If You Don’t Follow The Advice

  • Kidnappers
  • Scammy “wealth managers”
  • Uncle Joe, who wants you to invest in his dumb idea for a business. 


Entrance Of Lawyer & Financial Advisor

Entrance Of Lawyer
Entrance Of Lawyer

Now that you have become a millionaire you would be requiring a lawyer and a financial advisor for providing you with the best advice possible. 


Don’t Try And Change After Winning Lotto Star Games

Don’t Try And Change After Winning Lotto Star Games
Don’t After Winning Lotto Star Games

It is important that you know how to handle your funds? Yes, don’t just go out there in the market and buy a two hundred thousand dollar car or something like that. Go slow. Wait. Think. Invest. Grow.

Just hold on for at least six months and don’t just change anything. Keep everything the same. Don’t bother about it. Just chill. And if by chance you quit your job then if people ask then say it to them that maybe you are working on your own gig. Do whatever it takes but don’t just yet reveal it to them.

And another advice which you may or may not like is that if you want wealth then have the power to create it for yourself and be rich. Try and create multiple income streams for yourself. Try and start your own business and escape the 9-5 bullshit.



In conclusion, it can be said that playing lotteries might get you what you want but sometimes it can and might have a negative impact like the kidnapper’s thing or something like that. Thus, it becomes important for you to get some perspective and do the needful after winning a certain amount from trying your luck in different lotto star games. 

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